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Enterprise Architecture Principles – Book Recommendation

Enterprise Architecture Principles – the Cornerstone of Enterprise Architecture. A collection of architecture principles and how to write and apply them.

THIS BOOK is a very useful primer on the purpose of Enterprise Architecture Principles, their specification and governance.

A Principles Catalogue in the Appendix is also a very useful resource if you have never written Enterprise Architecture principles and are looking for an accelerator or some examples (of course also refer to TOGAF and similar frameworks). There is also good coverage of the lifecycle of principles and how principles should be linked to business goals (with practical examples).

Enterprise Architecture Principles

Enterprise Architecture Principles: The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Principles – Book Synopsis

It can be argued that architecture principles form the cornerstone of any architecture. The focus of this book is on the role of architecture principles. It provides both a balanced perspective on architecture principles, and is the first book on the topic. [source: Amazon]

From the Back Cover

Enterprises, from small to large, evolve continuously. As a result, their structures are transformed and extended continuously. Without some means of control, such changes are bound to lead to an overly complex, uncoordinated and heterogeneous environment that is hard to manage and hard to adapt to future changes. Enterprise architecture principles provide a means to direct transformations of enterprises. As a consequence, architecture principles should be seen as the cornerstones of any architecture. In this book, Greefhorst and Proper focus on the role of architecture principles. They provide both a theoretical and a practical perspective on architecture principles. The theoretical perspective involves a brief survey of the general concept of principle as well as an analysis of different flavors of principles. Architecture principles are regarded as a specific class of normative principles that direct the design of an enterprise, from the definition of its business to its supporting IT. The practical perspective on architecture principles is concerned with an approach to the formulation of architecture principles, as well as their actual use in organizations. To illustrate their use in practice, several real-life cases are discussed, an application of architecture principles in TOGAF is included, and a catalogue of example architecture principles is provided. With this broad coverage, the authors target students and researchers specializing in enterprise architecture or business information systems, as well as practitioners who want to understand the foundations underlying their practical daily work. [source: Amazon]

The Cornerstones of Enterprise Architecture will help you understand Enterprise Architecture Principles and how to write them. The appendix contains a useful catalogue providing many examples.

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