Scrum Values and High Performance Agile Teams

The Scrum Values

As Scrum Masters we make Commitments to ourselves and our team mates to deliver excellence. We use Courage to challenge received wisdom and cultural norms. We demand Respect and embrace diversity and understand its power to unleash creativity and innovation. We are Open in the pursuit of truth and speak truth to power. We embrace transparency and ensure decision making is inclusive. We have a laser Focus on delivery and continuous improvement. We evangelise the Scrum Values and coach our teams to ever expand personal and team capabilities. Continue reading “Scrum Values and High Performance Agile Teams”

Innovators Defining the Future of Interim Management Recruitment

Interim Management Recruitment ‘norms’ are changing [R1]. Demand for interims is rising as traditional permanent employment models are replaced. There is an increasing need to source interim management talent at pace and to intelligently qualify and contract with high calibre candidates. Entrepreneurship is booming and innovation in the recruitment industry is accelerating [R2]. How is the recruitment market responding to these shifting employment demands for interim talent? Can lead times and margins (often ranging from 20 to 25% [R3]) be improved and how will the market segmentation and focus change? Continue reading “Innovators Defining the Future of Interim Management Recruitment”

Countering Fraud with Big Data Analytics

OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT FIGURES are underestimating the cost of fraud to the NHS by a factor of 20. A former counter-fraud detector Jim Gee claims that fraud is costing the NHS £5bn a year. It is also alleged that hundreds of millions are being wasted every year due to financial errors. How can Big Data and Big Data Analytics be used to help solve the problem? Continue reading “Countering Fraud with Big Data Analytics”

The Big Data Budget

LONDON: The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP delivered his annual budget this week. Osborne announced a brace of economic measures and reported economic recovery ahead of forecast. His economic strategy balances austerity and growth in manufacturing and high-tech and introduces exciting new opportunities in Big Data. Continue reading “The Big Data Budget”

Crowdsourcing the Search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370

MALAYSIA AIRLINES flight 370 disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Malaysian authorities are presiding over a spiralling public relations disaster. The tragic loss of passengers and crew is exacerbated by seemingly inaccurate and untimely information. As the search widens, could Crowdsourcing using the internet help solve the mystery of the disappearance of flight 370? Continue reading “Crowdsourcing the Search for Malaysia Airlines flight 370”

Front Office Digitisation Critical to Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Growth

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE, satisfaction and engagement is storming the CIO Agenda. A study compiled by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that 60% of CIOs are focusing on improving customer relationships and customer experience. With the rise of social media, digital transformation and new business models, is the customer “the CIO’s new boss?” Continue reading “Front Office Digitisation Critical to Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Growth”