Design Principles for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Earlier in the year I was thinking about how best to establish a knowledge management community for a team of Enterprise Architects. The tool of choice was Microsoft SharePoint. I started by laying out a set of design principles that I felt were appropriate for the community design to adopt. This proved to be a very powerful and compelling technique and allowed many of the design decisions to be taken simply and collectively by exploring the sensibility and applicability of each principle. Continue reading “Design Principles for Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing”

Enterprise Architecture and Systems Thinking: Applied VPEC-T

Presentation by Steve Nimmons given at Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe in 2012.

The presentation looks at Systems Thinking and its importance to successful Enterprise Architectures. A Systems Thinking framework, VPEC-T is described including practical applications of Systems Thinking in Enterprise Architecture problem solving. Continue reading “Enterprise Architecture and Systems Thinking: Applied VPEC-T”

The Policy Enforcement Point

Understanding the Policy Enforcement Point pattern:

  • End-user requests access to an application / service.
  • Request is routed through a Policy Enforcement Point.
  • Policy Enforcement Point transfers the request details to a Policy Decision Point for evaluation and authorisation decision.
  • The Policy Decision Point refers to a Policy Store and possibly a Policy Information Point.
  • Policy is administered through a ‘central’ Policy Administration Point (not shown in Figure 1).
  • The Policy Enforcement Point enforces the decisions of the Policy Decision Point.

Continue reading “The Policy Enforcement Point”

Enterprise Architecture Principles – Book Recommendation

THIS BOOK is a very useful primer on the purpose of Enterprise Architecture Principles, their specification and governance.

A Principles Catalogue in the Appendix is also a very useful resource if you have never written Enterprise Architecture principles and are looking for an accelerator or some examples (of course also refer to TOGAF and similar frameworks). There is also good coverage of the lifecycle of principles and how principles should be linked to business goals (with practical examples). Continue reading “Enterprise Architecture Principles – Book Recommendation”

Wiki Patterns and Anti Patterns

Wiki technology is a foundational component of modern knowledge sharing. It will speed up many aspects of delivery, aide with communications and cut maintenance costs. Using Wiki to good effect is an excellent approach for collaboration and knowledge sharing at negligible cost. Let’s consider some common problems and how the Power of Wiki can create useful technology patterns for Knowledge Management. Continue reading “Wiki Patterns and Anti Patterns”