Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation – Solving Complex Business and IT Challenges

We are passionate about Digital Transformation and creating exceptional digital businesses. We believe that technology is the powerhouse of business and social change and are excited to work with governments, policy makers, business leaders and fellow visionaries in the creation of new Digital Societies.

We are experts in Complex Problem Solving and use a range of traditional and disruptive techniques to provide innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. We apply these methods to Business, IT and Societal challenges, helping our clients drive new opportunities and benefits from their digital transformations.

We recognise that exceptional Problem Solving demands exceptional clarity of thinking. We need to free our minds of biases and fallacies and challenge ourselves to think to the very limits of our creativity. We use structured problem solving techniques to manage seemingly intractable problems and deliver world-class solutions to digital transformation challenges through a nexus of strategy, innovation and digital architecture.

Strategic Thinking

We develop digital strategies for our clients that transcend conventional thinking, ensuring that benefits are delivered quickly and have long term relevance and sustainability. We understand next-generation strategic techniques, building on established methods including game theory and scenario planning. Our ‘above and beyond’ philosophy ensures our clients benefit from short term, medium term and long term gains from digital adoption.

The Context for Digital Transformation

The future needs to be designed. This is the architecture of Digital Business and the Digital Society.

Digital Business is creating new opportunities for Digital Society and Digital Society is creating new business models and markets. Future Cities, technology clusters and technology start-ups are enabling incredible commercial and social change. We have extensive expertise in social enterprise, social innovation, emerging technology and emerging business models and work with clients to develop digital capabilities, new partnerships and new technology strategies that sharpen their competitive edge in the Digital World.

Disruptive Innovation

To deliver the future we need to be bold. Logical, holistic thinking, strategic planning and commercial acumen are not enough. The Digital World is moving at a potentially bewildering speed. We evangelise Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing, Agile and LEAN principles and a belief in the power of thinking beyond received wisdom to ensure our clients avoid the threats of obsolescence and digital irrelevance.

Ingredients of Innovation

Disruptive forces are pervasive: political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. They can be overwhelming. We explain in simple terms how to use best-in-class digital technologies to develop and deliver your digital strategy for maximum effect.

Complex Problem Solving in a Digital World

Problem Solving in a Digital World

Designing the Digital Future

Our digital transformation methodology unifies Systems Thinking, Strategic Thinking, Agile Architecture and Incremental and Disruptive Innovation. We track technological and social trends and have in-depth understanding of the emerging forces that present new threats and opportunities for businesses that aspire to dominate and flourish in the Digital Age.

Nimmons Consulting Digital Transformation

Nimmons Consulting Model for Digital Transformation and Digital Problem Solving

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