London Domain Names go on sale April 29th

NEW .LONDON domain names will be go on sale on April 29th and according to a YouGov survey will be bought by almost 50% of London’s small businesses.

NEW .LONDON domain names will be go on sale on April 29th and according to a recent YouGov survey will be bought by almost 50% of London’s small businesses.

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Securing Dot London Domain Names

Brands with a London presence will no doubt act to secure their .london domain to boost ‘brand connectivity’ (and defensively to prevent cybersquatting). Trademark holders will be given priority in securing their .london extension. This will boost domain sales, but what are the tangible commercial benefits to the business owners? The YouGov survey found that 1 in 4 business owners predicted that a .london domain would help them drive increased sales and just over 40% thought this would help customers find their sites more easily.

Martha Lane Fox (Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho) said: “The new generic domain names are a big change to the web. .london offers businesses and organisations in the capital a chance to be at the cutting edge of that change and show the world how innovative they can be.”

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners said: “This is an incredible response from London’s small business community which sees .london as an opportunity to claim an exciting new web address that is uniquely associated with our city’s powerful brand. We already know that tens of thousands of businesses have expressed an interest in a .london web address including major brands like Selfridges, Radisson Blu Edwardian and Carnaby. This latest survey of small business owners gives us confidence that other organisations and individuals will be just as excited about .london when the domains go on sale on April 29.”

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Innovation and Localisation

Innovation in the localisation of brand presence and presentation will be interesting. Companies will be able to have ‘city focused’ content and user experience. Will this expand across major UK cities and will companies be able to exploit ‘different cultures and needs’ to drive more sales and innovation? Done right this presents a very interesting opportunity for more customer intimacy and responding to the diverse needs of different population centres.

Brands with a strong London presence (physically or in the minds of consumers) will be able to amplify this association. Global brands will be able to segment their online presence using more granular domains based on geography.

Leveraging ‘Brand London’

The value of the domain is also linked to the value of the ‘capital’s brand’. London is a thriving, innovative, business focused and multicultural city. ‘Brand London’ is heavily marketed by multiple agencies and benefits from major events such as the London 2012 Olympics. Association with ‘Brand London’ therefore has many benefits and could additionally attract new entrants to the London market.

An early boost for domain name sellers may therefore translate through smart branding and innovative localisation into new business opportunities, sales and jobs.

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