Singapore Tech Startups Demo Innovation at SWSX

SINGAPORE TECH STARTUPS are demonstrating innovative products at SWSX conference in Austin. Who are the startups and what technologies will be on show?

SINGAPORE TECH STARTUPS are demonstrating innovative products at SWSX (South by Southwest) conference in Austin, Texas. Products from,,, Gushcloud, Nanoveu, RecordTV, Touchjet and Zensorium are being showcased by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). 

Tech Startups in Singapore

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Executive Deputy Chairman of IDA, Steve Leonard said, “We are happy to showcase a strong line up of some of the great tech product startups being built in Singapore. All parts of our ecosystem including investors, corporate partners, universities and the Government are actively working to ensure Singapore is a great place to create and build high growth tech product startups.”

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Tech Startups Being Showcased

This year at SWSX the IDA of Singapore will showcase products from 8 Singapore based tech startups ranging from security to customer engagement to 3D video to consumer tech and health. This is IDA Singapore’s 4th showcase at SWSX.

1. is a surveying platform aimed at affluent consumers. It has been developed by Agility Research & Strategy and aims to be a disruptive player in market research. It allows end users to create DIY surveys with a focus on 20 key world economies. Affluential claims an impressive reach, with the ability to garner market insight from 38m consumers.

2. provides security management capabilities for distributed content. Its model is similar to platforms like ‘Snapchat’ where content distribution and destruction can be tightly controlled. Digify allows users to check who has viewed content and set granular sharing controls on both personal and corporate information. Controlling security on distributed content is an interesting market with massive growth potential.

3. helps product and service vendors better engage with customer sentiment and social ratings. Eco uses artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and extensive text analysis to build an holistic view of customer satisfaction. Customer engagement, sentiment analysis, online reputation monitoring, rewards and loyalty management applications are all relevant.

4. GushCloud

Gushcloud is an influencer network that helps connect advertisers and influential publishers. This spans celebrities and social media influencers including top bloggers and online publishers (across YouTube, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.). Sales and marketing using influencer networks has had some detractors bringing ethical selling into focus. As GushCLoud’s website says “Some people call it legalized bribery, we call it the obvious thing to do when you value someone’s time.

5. Nanoveu EyeFly3D

Nanoveu EyeFly3D is a very clever use of nano-lenses (500,000 in the palm of your hand) to bring 3D screen capabilities to tablets and mobile phones. 3D video and gaming on smartphones and tablets is an exciting prospect. The EyeFly3D applies leading nano tech to deliver ‘true glasses free’ 3D capabilities on smartphones. Mobile 3D video will be transformative.

6. RecordTV

RecordTV takes personal digital recording into the cloud. The days of physical home recording devices are numbered, as massive personal storage and streaming capabilities are provided through cloud services. RecordTV enables consumers to record free to air television in Singapore. A smartphone, laptop or smart TV can be used to record and watch programs. The RewardTV model highlights how archaic home recording on physical devices really is. The cloud model will shift this market and soon!

7. Touchjet TouchPico

TouchPico by Touchjet debuted at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. It is an Android portable projector that “turns any surface into a giant touch screen for Android apps.” TouchPico is likely to cost around $500 and start shipping in June 2014. TouchPico is likely to sell well in home entertainment markets, and shows interesting potential in education (visual aids in classrooms etc.).

8. Zensorium Tinké

Zensorium Tinke is a health and well-being device that monitors heart rate, heart rhythm and blood oxygen levels. Health tech is becoming increasingly crowded, particularly with the launch of many wearable tech devices. I like Zensorium Tinké’s Vita Index and Zen Index but I do wonder if ‘over health monitoring’ will improve either. There is an ‘accompanying’ smartphone app and data from the device can be loaded onto smartphones for analysis.

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Tech Startup Accelerators in Singapore

The IDA helps drive growth of tech startups in Singapore and provides three critical functions to startups in the region. It provides physical innovation and development spaces through IDA Labs. Through its investment arm Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd, IDA seeks opportunities to bring accelerator programs from around the world to Singapore. Its goal is to stimulate and drive maximum growth in tech innovation and development.

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IDA Singapore also provides an accreditation program that helps entrepreneurs commercialise and take their products to market.

For more information about the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, see

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