When GDPR bit the news hound

I was recently unable to read an online news story in the Idaho Press Tribune. Why? I was trying to access it from within the European Union… Herewith, a lyrical response…

When GDPR bit the news hound

There once was a news hound named Steve
curiosity his peculiar disease
he’d read far and wide, and with unbridled pride
share headlines and stories to please.

One day by the Idaho press
he suffered a gruesome distress
A hound in the pound, an exceptional tale,
found, and cookies exchanged for the bail!

Police Mugshot Dog story Idaho Press

But GDPR, the news spoiler,
blocked access to read past the lede
so smartly Steve punched the help number
for freedom he could not concede.

GDPR Privacy

The moral: zealous application of policy or legislation leads to bad outcomes and worse poetry.