The Bed of Procrustes

PROCRUSTES was a son of Poseidon and had a stronghold between Athens and Eleusis. He is famed for an unusual form of ‘hospitality’. He possessed an iron bed (the Bed of Procrustes) and would invite passers-by to spend the night. Those that proved ‘too tall’ would have any ‘surplus’ amputated, whilst those that were ‘too short’ would be ‘stretched’ to fit his bed. There was never an exact fit, as Procrustes secretly possessed two beds. Continue reading “The Bed of Procrustes”

Unrepresentative Testing – The Papier Mâché Rhino

INTRIGUING THINGS happen in Japan, but these scenes from Ueno Zoo in Tokyo are an extreme outlier in unrepresentative testing.

Rhinos (depending on species) range in weight from 750 pounds to 8,000 pounds and stand anywhere from four and a half to six feet tall. Rhinos can run up to 40 mph and turn 180 degrees in a distance equal to their body length. Continue reading “Unrepresentative Testing – The Papier Mâché Rhino”

Focalism and Estimation Bias

An observation of Focalism… I was recently working on a project that had very little in the way of defined non-functional requirements. I was particularly interested in transaction volumes, scalability, predicted growth and how this impacted environment sizing and number of environments required. Estimates were discussed in technical and business focused meetings. A number of estimates were also produced ‘independently’. The estimate variation was stark, particularly when taken across the three primary groups. Continue reading “Focalism and Estimation Bias”