Countering Fraud with Big Data Analytics

OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT FIGURES are underestimating the cost of fraud to the NHS by a factor of 20. A former counter-fraud detector Jim Gee claims that fraud is costing the NHS £5bn a year. It is also alleged that hundreds of millions are being wasted every year due to financial errors. How can Big Data and Big Data Analytics be used to help solve the problem? Continue reading “Countering Fraud with Big Data Analytics”

The Big Data Budget

LONDON: The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP delivered his annual budget this week. Osborne announced a brace of economic measures and reported economic recovery ahead of forecast. His economic strategy balances austerity and growth in manufacturing and high-tech and introduces exciting new opportunities in Big Data. Continue reading “The Big Data Budget”

Adventures in the Real Time Enterprise

WIKIPEDIA defines the Real Time Enterprise as

a concept in business systems design focused on ensuring organisational responsiveness that was popularised in the first decade of the 21st century. It is also referred to as on-demand enterprise. Such an enterprise must be able to fulfil orders as soon as they are needed.

Though not particularly well defined, generally accepted goals of a Real Time Enterprise include: Continue reading “Adventures in the Real Time Enterprise”