Benefits of Cloud Computing: Cost Control, Scalability and Innovation

CLOUD COMPUTING enables businesses to reduce costs, scale efficiently and innovate more easily. Cloud helps businesses manage commodity IT and focus on truly differentiating and value creating aspects of their businesses. The pace of technological change particularly in consumer tech is blistering. This ‘technology arms race’ is forcing businesses to exploit more technology in smarter and more agile ways to create new services and products for their customers. Continue reading “Benefits of Cloud Computing: Cost Control, Scalability and Innovation”

G-Cloud, Government Strategy for Digital Britain

SMARTER, CHEAPER, GREENER is the underpinning strategy of ICT provision in the modern public sector. A significant strand of Lord Carter’s ‘Digital Britain‘ report relates to the provision of G-Cloud (government’s virtual public services network) and G-AS (an application store to facilitate business application re-use), pillars of ‘future state’ Cloud Computing enabled public sector services. Continue reading “G-Cloud, Government Strategy for Digital Britain”