Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe, feminism and security debates

Hugh Hefner’s Death

The death of Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner has resurfaced interesting debates about female exploitation, sexual revolution and shifting social norms. The feminist sex wars (from the mid-1970’s onward) highlighted key differences in the ideologies of leading feminist thinkers, in particular, varying perspectives on pornography and the sex industry. Discourse in relation to Hugh Hefner’s legacy highlights that the ‘liberation’ versus ‘exploitation’ narratives remain contested. Hefner seems decidedly anachronistic, but in expanding debate, can we go further and construct thinking tools to help examine the female role in conflict, statecraft, intelligence and counter-terrorism? Does feminism, as a critical theory, provide a suitably coherent framework to help develop simple and useful analytical lenses? Continue reading “Hugh Hefner and Marilyn Monroe, feminism and security debates”