SINS Articles: Strategy, Innovation and National Security

We are passionate about solving complex technology challenges, to enhance national security through successful digital transformation in defence, policing, security and criminal justice sectors.

We hope you enjoy our research articles and briefings and find them both highly insightful and thought provoking.

National Security and Digital Transformation

Nimmons Consulting Innovation Digital Transformation with a Twist
Nimmons Consulting: Innovation and Digital Transformation with a twist.

We study national security issues in-depth, including threats from domestic and international terrorism, contemporary crimepolicing challenges and evolving communities.

We study innovation models and complex problem solving methods that we pragmatically apply in our client engagements to deliver successful digital transformation outcomes in specialist sectors.

We have deep skills in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Ledger Technologies, the Internet of Things and Data Science.

Our unique value combines high-quality research in contemporary crime and community safety challenges, with exceptional expertise in disruptive and incremental technology innovation. We deliver strategic digital transformation engagements for clients with specialist needs in complex, mission critical environments.

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Terrorism & Counter-Terrorism

Our research in terrorism and counter terrorism includes:

  • Profiling risks posed by terrorist groups
  • Stabilisation projects and international development
  • Improving governance in fragile states
  • Development of effective counter terrorism policy
  • Comparative counter terrorism
  • Countering violent extremism
Terrorism Innovation Digital Transformation
Focus Theme: Terrorism and Counter Terrorism

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Tracing the links between failed states and international terrorism
  2. Military counter-terrorism techniques: suitability and effectiveness as policy instruments
  3. Designing Ethical and Effective Counter-terrorism Policy
  4. Counter Terrorism Policing in Canada – an examination
  5. Countering violent extremism and radicalisation leading to terrorism – key issues
  6. PIRA – A Brief Profile of the Provisional IRA
  7. Security Developments in Northern Ireland since the end of the Cold War
  8. Deconstructing Violent Dissident Republicanism
  9. Counter Terrorism Policing in the Smart City – new frontiers in sensor rich environments


Our research in policing includes:

  • Policing models in the UK, Europe and internationally
  • Policing approaches including Intelligence Led Policing, Problem Oriented Policing and Zero Tolerance Policing
  • Community Policing, Community Safety and Counter Terrorism
  • Digital Transformation of Policing
Policing Innovation Digital Transformation
Focus Theme: Policing

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. British Policing Challenges: New Crime Patterns and Evolving Communities
  2. Community Safety, Policing Challenges and Opportunities


Our research in intelligence studies includes:

  • Intelligence failures
  • Intelligence collection
Intelligence Innovation Digital Transformation
Focus Theme: Intelligence

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Israeli Intelligence, the Mossad – a brief examination
  2. Wikileaks, Chelsea Manning and Wasted Intelligence Clock Cycles
  3. Intelligence Failure: The Fall of Singapore, Operation Market Garden, Operation Barbarossa

Contemporary Crime Issues

Our research in contemporary crime challenges includes:

  • Trafficking and Modern Slavery
  • Drugs
  • Fundamentalism
  • Organised Crime
Contemporary Crime Innovation Digital Transformation
Contemporary Crime and Safety Focus

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Sex Work & Sex Trafficking through Critical eyes

Cyber Security

Our research in cyber security includes:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Warfare
  • Online Safety and Cyber bullying
Cyber Security Innovation Digital Transformation|
Focus Theme: Cyber Security

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Assessing Ireland’s Cyber Security Strategy
  2. A model for configurable decoding of RADIUS Accounting and Authentication messages, SANS Institute Feb 2004, Research Topics in Information Security

Open Innovation

Our research in innovation and emerging technologies includes:

  • Innovation models (Open Innovation, Incremental and Disruptive Innovation)
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Digital Ledger Technologies (Blockchain)
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Cities
Innovation Digital Transformation National Security
Focus Theme: Innovation and Emerging Technology

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Benefits of Open Innovation Atos Scientific Community paper (co-authored)
  2. Innovation and Technological Superiority in UK defence – research paper

Business and Technology Strategy

Some of our recent thinking on these topics includes:

  1. Pattern Based Strategy Atos Scientific Community paper (co-authored)

Press and Media Relations

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